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"I'm going to learn... Ubuntu?"

(via Rob R.) Cute CollegeHumor vid, not sure how old :-)

Nitpick: That's a Win95/98 bluescreen guyz, at least get an XP 'STOP' screen image :) Jeez, XP came out in 2001, you're as behind the times as Trent!
(jwz voice): I think that all of you (you with the jerking knees) who piped up to say "but that's not an XP bluescreen!!" should take a moment to realize that you just did the equivalent of complaining that I got Data's Starfleet rank wrong.
(Yes, this was an appropriate video to watch while I was WUBI installing Intrepid Ibex in the background ... from an .iso mounted with virtual CDROM cpanel natch :)
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