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Update from San Diego

Hello from the 16th floor of the Radisson, where thanks to the miracle of 802.11 theft, stone-cold-broke folks like us can access 'tEH iNTARWEB'. Local fucking dialout from these whoremongers is $.75/1st-min $.25/ea thereafter for LOCAL CALLS, and they have 'net access for $20/night. MEH!

Well, the car repairs have left me for the moment utterly, completely FLAT BROKE. This would be the bank account that once upon a time held over $20K. Fff. Waiting for a wire transfer from a seldom used cash cache [ha!] to come thru. Anyhow. We're here! 10AM tomorrow and it's ComicCon goodness.

I suppose it wouldn't be apropos to get drunk at 9:30 and stagger belligerently around the con. But let me tellya, it's damn tempting. I think I'm going to buy a bottle of rotgut whiskey when the con closes tomorrow for a little bit of Irish Psychotherapy.

I have requests for at least 3 Penny Arcade t-shirts, and I know my friend Derek wants something, I will have to try to contact him again and find out what.

Today's lesson: Money is like, important. You should pay attention to how much you have, and how fast you're spending it. And people who have kind significant others who help them with that are lucky. :)
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