Jon (j_b) wrote,


I'm both grateful and kinda <eyeroll> at the EEE Linux community.

EEEbuntu installed, but, hey surprise, there's at least two competing toolkits to let you experience your EEEpc's features under Ubuntu or a derivative. One of which is a kernel module. The other of which is a userspace daemon. Both of which have rather haphazardly written taskbar applet control thingies.

When the two of them decided to come to fistcuffs over my laptop's brightness setting, it was merely inconvenient. When they decided to help me conserve power by dinking with the WiFi connection, which pooched it (natch), it was considerably more inconvenient.

The situation reminds me of an attractive woman at a Star Trek convention who's asked for directions and has two well-meaning neckbeards fighting with each other trying to give her directions, who keep interrupting each other and arguing so nothing gets said. (In this case the attractive woman is the user community.)
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