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Body piercings can be gross, kids!

So, I got 3 piercings in my ears at the beginning of March. Left earlobe, right earlobe, and left upper-cartilage. Got little 18-gauge piercings in each one. The earlobes, I thought, had healed nicely (weren't hurting anymore), but the cartilage one was still tender. I ended up loosing one of the earrings [dropped it down the sink drain ... grr.] so I replaced the cartilage one with a larger 16 gauge one. So far it's been working great, it's felt less tender in general.

This morning I get out of bed, and go to clean the piercings out with Bactine. I'd been focusing on just the cartilage one, since the earlobes weren't hurting, I'd figured they had healed. Don't do that, kids. My left earlobe earring was gushing icky gobs of blood and plasma. Ewwwwwww. Bactine bombed the hell out of it, and put the earring back in.

Wow. When looking for images of ears, I came upon this page [ ] ... Check out the Terminator-looking animated GIF ... [shiver!] Is it just me or does that look like Sigourney Weaver?
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