Jon (j_b) wrote,

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You mean like Outlook Web Access?

In MS's defense (heresy!), it actually seems to work reasonably well on platforms other than IE, at least from what I've seen with my friends using it, one of whom won't touch MS OSes with a ten foot pole, though it apparently does provide more features under IE.

Agreed, OWA can work. But it's got two major strikes against it...
  • It's slow. The layout is extremely icon heavy, and you can sit there over a moderate-speed (or especially dialup!) link, and watch it have to load each icon, one - by - one. It's actually faster over a dialup to terminal-services into a box somewhere with Outlook and run that. (Haven't compared VNC-over-ssh, but I'd say it'd be on par ;)
  • It's not well-documented as to how to set the security settings properly -- I need to log into it twice each time I use it (I run it, and so does my former employer). Further, the one I run has some security braindamage, so some folders contents come out as XML spew (I think a mis-run and subsequent undo of the IIS lockdown tool fatally gutshot the thing) (screenshot)
Not that other webmail packages don't suck... my ISP uses SquirrelMail, which silently hangs when there's a password mismatch, and occasionally "just dies" needing an Apache restart.
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