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Atari 8-bit "Archimedes Spiral" demo - FOUND!

Update: Newer blog post here: Atari 8-bit "Archimedes Spiral" demo - Found again!

Atari Archimedes Spiral demo
Many moons ago, I looked around for an old Atari demo that I'd typed in when I was 10 or 11 years old from an Atari magazine. (The magazine is still to be found. I'm guessing it may have been a MACE Journal , or possibly a COMPUTE! issue. I clearly remember the editorial comment "[It still looks like a hat to me. -Ed.]"

The original magazine is still not found, but thanks to Chris Chisea I found a copy of the original program listing (link)

Earlier I had been provided with a scan of what is very likely the original version, this Commodore PET expansion card advertisement.

Getting the text -into- the ATARI800 Mac emulator proved a pain-in-the-rear, all of the convenient utilities for moving files onto Atari disks were Windows based and I didn't feel like taking the [simpler] WINE / VMWare Fusion approach ...

So I noticed that Atari800 supports emulating the serial port device (emulating an Atari 850's R1:) and accepts modem strings to connect to TCP ports (OMG j00 can nmap from ur atari!) ... So, I figure, easy enough, I'll use NetCat. Fire up 'nc -l 8888', find a disk image of BobTerm (couldn't find Keith Ledbetter's 850 Express!) , and go.

Except that BobTerm hangs up the connection when you transition to downloading text to disk. OK, change BobTerm so it starts recording at the beginning, issue the "ATDI 8888" modem string, and go.

It worked.... but without newlines. The Mac Terminal session running netcat was not feeding the appropriate CRLF sequences. So I opened/resaved the text as a text file, and re-saved it with DOS CR/LF endings. Then ran 'nc -l 8888 < file.txt'

That one finally worked. I closed the capture buffer, and had D2:HAT.TXT on my empty disk image. Went to BASIC, did an 'ENTER "D2:HAT.TXT"', ignored the error as it didn't understand the command line, and the program was loaded(!).

Saved a tokenized version with 'SAVE "D2:HAT.BAS"', ran the program, and unchecked the 'limit speed' option. Still took ~30min to run. :-b
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