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We are -SO- not living in the future.

So apparently one of the steps taken when you install Red Hat on a server is for it to work out what languages it supports. And it defaults to US English, with Unicode support.

...said steps weren't taken on the VPS server (shared hosting "server") I've got. Which means the IRC client spits out "??" when you try to paste anything outside of basic ASCII.

'locale' reports POSIX everywhere. (aka flat 7-bit ASCII, all 1970s style.) "Okay, this can't be too hard...." I think. Google google google. Okay, install the utility system-config-language ... run it ... comes up with a nice menu of what languages to choose. Except 'US English' is the only entry. Hmm. Choose that.

WOO! Python stack trace explosion!

Apparently it's TRYING to Do The Right Thing and set en_US.UTF-8, but something's missing. And my Google foo at the moment can't find how to *GENERATE* the damned locale configurations it wants. I know I've seen this step scroll by during installer runs a hundred times. *sigh*

Off to Café Europa for some breakfast, maybe I'll feel like fixing this later.
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