Jon (j_b) wrote,

Unfortunately / Fortunately

Unfortunately, I skidded on ice into a curb doing $300 in suspension repair damage.
Fortunately, the car was driveable, I got it to Sears Auto in Cherry Creek.
Fortunately, light rail is 10m walk from both home and work.
Unfortunately, Sears bollixed up the electrical system (battery cable?).
Fortunately, this didn't manifest while I was driving home and packing my overnight bag for my evening at the Nat. Jewish Sleep Center.
Unfortunately, 2 min after I left home, the battery idiot light came on.
Fortunately, I noticed around 13th ave on northbound Colorado that all my dashboard lights were getting progressively dimmer, decided breaking down in the middle of Colorado and Colfax would be a Bad Thing, and ducked onto a side street.
Unfortunately, the car died.
Fortunately, there was enough momentum to get almost completely into a parking space in a lot.
Fortunately (???) there was a homeless lady who was very eager to lend assistance with car repair.
Unfortunately, she thought I was being rude when I declined her assistance.
Fortunately, she accepted my apology when I showed her I had a phone and had AAA Gold.
Fortunately, the security guard said the lot belongs to Nat. Jewish.

It's better than living an uninteresting life, isn't it?

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