Jon (j_b) wrote,

FFXI beta tester snitches...

from here...

I am in the beta, and I am not supposed to disclose so i am not going to tell you anything

For example, I am not going to tell you that the game has a lot of little things that seem like such obvious good ideas, its amazing that they haven't been put to use in MMORPGs. The Auction system is one thing, but they go one further by allowing any item on your person to be set as "for sale" then as you are roaming around killing things, people can browse your wares, and even buy them or trade them. Your character can freely change his job (class) simply by going back to their home. This means that if you get tired of being a warrior, you could become a Red Mage without having to create a new character. Al of this is great and touched on in the article.

So in keeping with the non-disclosure I can't say anything about the fact that despite all the polish and refinement in most every aspect of the game play, its horribly boring. The XP gained from fighting is seriously out of whack. Fighting a monster that almost kills me for example gives me 36xp, while a monster that I can take out in 3 swings and maybe take 5% of my HP in damage, gives me 25xp. And being in a party is even worse. If everyone in the party isn't the exact same level, nobody gets jack for xp.

I can say nothing about how the storyline quests, that is the cycle of missions you are given by your homeland are interesting, but always the same, and not that numerous the first mission they give you will for example require you to gain about 7 or 8 levels on your own running the treadmill of kill, rest, kill, rest before you have even a fart in the winds chance of surviving it.

Nothing can be uttered about how there is a great job system, and lots of interesting "hidden classes" that must be unlocked via quests. Of course you need to be 30th level before you can do this and that equates out to about 50 hours of mindless leveling to even get the new class, then you start over at level 1 with the new class so its another 10-20 hours before you can do anything interesting. (like kill the same goblin over and over).

I shall not reveal that the character design and creature models are top-notch and gorgeous, despite the fact that the same 10 models are used over and over again albeit with different names (goblin thug, goblin weaver, goblin fisher, goblin goblin). The music is also really good, which is almost unheard of in a MMORPG

Nor shall I give you my final opinion in that while it has a lot of potential, the lack of quests is going to kill it, Only those people that can find enjoyment in doing nothing but leveling are going to be able to stand it.

I could tell you all that, but I won't

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