Jon (j_b) wrote,

09:05 <@Hobart> bas, this fun piece of scifi short story from a few years ago is making the rounds again
09:06 <+Bas> Hobart: yay history, it repeats so well
09:06 <+Bas> Hobart: and w/ more information things start to repeat faster
09:07 <+Bas> Hobart: if the trend continues
09:07 <+Bas> Hobart: then things will start repeating in a sub day cycle
09:07 <@Hobart> bas, if it continues, its logical conclusion is all of humanity perpetually forwarding the same lolcat
09:07 <@Hobart> bas, passing alien intelligences will go "oh another one"
09:07 <+Bas> Hobart: yep

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