Jon (j_b) wrote,

Lazyweb 2 for the month...

So I've got this "Designed for XP, Vista Compatible" laptop as a loaner since my netbook's graphics card is dying like BSD.

I've got my copy of Win 7 Ultimate on it ... no sound autodetected, no sound drivers available from Toshiba US. Sound doesn't even work under Ubuntu 10.10.

Windows identifies the chip as a "High Definition Audio Device".

Here's the PCI IDs on it -
VEN 14F1 (Conexant)
DEV 5047 (Waikiki audio chip???)
REV 1000

All of the drivers I've found in The Googles have failed me so far, I'm open to suggestions ... you don't think much about sound 'til you don't have it. :b (And Google has ignored my spam report about "recovery cd dot com" and their 8 clone sites, who have spammed up the search results trying to sell me "restore cds".
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