Jon (j_b) wrote,

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Boy, you perverts sure clicked that one quick.

Dan Savage rocks.

"Yes, Virginia, you can get pregnant if your boyfriend comes on you—even if he only comes on your clothes. Didn't they cover this in the abstinence "education" you've been subjected to in high school? Semen can bore through your clothing and penetrate your skin, and then travel through your veins into your uterus where, if you're ovulating, it can make you pregnant. Of course, his semen may not make it to your uterus. It could travel through your bloodstream and into your heart or your lungs, where it can penetrate the pulmonary alveoli. If it reaches your small intestine, it can mature there into adulthood and begin to lay eggs.

No, wait... I've confused semen with roundworms. Fucking Google. Sorry about that."

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