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I hate computers (pasted from IM)

so I'm accepting fate that there will never, ever, ever be a working Win7-64 AC'97 sound driver for this laptop

so I use Clonezilla bootable liveUSB to clone an XP machine and am blowing away the laptop to try and restore that image onto it

except clonezilla restore wants the image to be stored on some network accessible filesystem that has the ability to do symlinks which a time capsule cifs share does not

so it explodes

so I need to get it somewhere on that machine that can handle it, 4.5gb onto some filesystem that can do symlinks

and I only have 1gb and 4gb usb drives

but I find an 8gb micro-sd card and an adapter

so I plug that into the laptop and it's recognized but the kernel does not have the module loaded to create block devices for the sd card

so I have to fuck around looking for what module to modprobe in to do that

then i create an ext2 filesystem on the sd card

and I am now copying the 4.5gb off of the apple time capsule cifs share onto the sd card

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