Jon (j_b) wrote,

Ubuntu 64-bit Linux Flash Player showing white squares / artifacts (fixed)

I've been seeing this problem since installing Ubuntu 10.10, and it has continued on after upgrading to Ubuntu 10.4. Websites with Adobe Flash content would randomly flake out and have white squares appear over parts of the interactive area (for example, the "build your own Ford" Flash program on , or embedded YouTube videos that were played from other sites [but oddly enough not on YouTube itself].)

The problem was outlined here but that thread is closed to replies, so my posting a "me too" wasn't possible.

Running the (kinda risky-looking) FireFox add-on called "Flash-Aid" fixed the problem for me -

Once run, I had to go into the Add-Ons page to get to its dialogue box, and it pops up a script in an external terminal window that prompts you for root access, purges the installed Flash Player, downloads the correct version from Adobe, and apparently "does some tweaks".

Worked for me. Thanks to extension author Gonçalves,C.B. (aka lovinglinux) from Brasil, and VinDSL / VanR from UbuntuForums.

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