Jon (j_b) wrote,

TV fail

Wow, you can't make up fail like this.

Was flipping through channels at the blood donation place looking for the Today show.

The "TV" consists of a PC with Windows Vista Media Center. It was on channel 260-something in the upper reaches of DirecTV's wasteland of channels.

After determining that PgUp/PgDn were the 'channel flipping' knob, I held down PgDn 'til I was on channel 2 and looked to see what was on...

I then noticed that the TV was channel changing ... "1... 9... 9... enter ... [wait for channel] 1... 9... 8... enter ... [wait for channel] 1... 9... 7... enter ... [wait for channel]", and it had scores more queued up.

Heck with it, I'm going back to web surfing. :b
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