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Two funnies.

  1. Was reading jwz's blog, and hit the heading "PERL and Unicode go together like apples and razor blades". And spew milk out my nose.
  2. Was posting an LJ comment and was referring to the techno genre of EBM. So I google for it, then click the google dictionary link for it, then find the Acronym Finder page for it. And spew milk out my nose.

    EBMElectric Body Music
    EBMElectron Beam Machining
    EBMElectron Beam Melted
    EBMEmbedded Base Migration (Sprint)
    EBMEnvironmentally Benign Manufacturing
    EBMEvangelical Baptist Mission
    EBMEvidence-Based Medicine
    EBMExecutive Board Meeting
    EBMExpressed Breast Milk

    Not sure which I like the best.
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