Jon (j_b) wrote,

Stream of consciousness...

  1. Guu is grate, just watched thru ep 19, with all the Alien / Predator jokes. lyricaldanichan rocks for pointing it out.
  2. Having friends you can talk to is cool.
  3. Catching up with people you haven't seen in a while is, also, cool.
  4. My TV is still switching itself off. But never when I'm around to see it. I just keep coming back after leaving the house for a few hours and it's off. Maybe it's the cat.
  5. Low self-confidence is not good, and can lead directly to low self esteem.
  6. bashamer is cool as hell for dragging my ass to the gym in the mornings. This morning makes 2 weeks of it. 10 more weeks, and I think I may be back in shape.
  7. Meeting new people can be difficult.
  8. Having friends drift away hurts.
  9. When you are sobering up from a nice buzz, your brain is a lot more susceptible to dark, nasty thoughts. (No, I'm not talking about right now.)
  10. Trying to find employment that will let you pay rent, and conceivably get health insurance, while still being able to attend classes during daytime hours is difficult. Probably impossible to get the insurance. Which sucks, because I need about 3 things at the dentist, a followup at the orthopedic surgeon, and physical therapy.
  11. Dealing with messes is something I'm not good at. At all. And I tend to end up living in a cesspit of clutter because of it.

I think that's enough for this evening. Best wishes all.
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