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Well. Just came home to a rancid plastic burning smell in the house, dashed around to find what it was, and found that the bottom screw-on part to my blender was thrown, by the dishwasher, out of the dish basket and down onto the heating element that roasts the dishes to dry them. Melting it thoroughly, hence, I now have no blender to make Mexican hot chocolate, nor protein shakes.


So I open a window and the door to try to air out the foul burnt plastic stench from my apartment. It's
ncar's transparent-for-no-reason .gifs can bite me fucking windy out. So the 50lb fan I have precariously propped up on the window comes crashing down on my desk with a loud bang to wake the dead. Combined, That makes me a Sad Panda.

Calc exam went well, fortunately, I think I scored highly. This doesn't change the fact that I'm over two assignments behind in homework. I tried <condescending>"Just Go To The Library And Force Yourself To Study"</condescending> for three hours today. Sucked hard. Didn't get more than 5 minutes of studying done. It's rather interesting what my brain does when I place myself into those situations though. Perhaps I'll expound on that at a later time.

Got mrotakki's Linux bridge working, with thanks to Dan for pointing out how to do a proxy arp bridge using only kernel options, without any external software.

Missed Anime tonight, a bit pissed about that. Que sera sera.

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