Jon (j_b) wrote,

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The human endocrine system is a strange thing

... I wish I could take my blood and bottle it right now.

I'm feeling fantastic, better than any antidepressants. Yet not because of anything good going on, just an overall physical sense of well being.

Early this morning my legs and ankles were killing me with soreness.

The formula seems to be -- binge drink the night before, sleep thoroughly, drink a LOT (1.5L) of water in the morning, take stimulants (coffee), go to gym, stretch thoroughly, add hot shower.

Unfortunately, the "binge drink" part kind of kills it as a recurring formula. Though I kind of attribute the benefit there to sleeping more deeply (yes, spare me the links claiming otherwise), so if I can kick this can't-fall-asleep problem, that'd probably do it too.

Anyway. Off to do chores.
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