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Livejournal vs RSS ... [fight!]

11:08 <@Hobart> yeah, but that doesn't help notify you when LJ users post followup comments.
11:09 < Erik> Hmm.
11:09 <@Hobart> hence, what I said. ^_~
11:10 <@Hobart> I meant a patch against moveable type to snarf comments from LJ's rss feed of the rss feed that lj copies
11:10 < Erik> I see.
11:11 < Erik> =|
11:12 < Erik> How do I find the RSS feed that lj creates?
11:12 <@Hobart> divine if the RSS feed is easy to find
11:12 * rei shakes the psychic black sphere...
11:12 <@rei> It says 'Very Doubtful,' Hobart
11:13 <@Erik> I can find the link that is used to grab articles, etc from MT, but nothing generated by LJ.
11:14 * Hobart digs thru
11:16 <@Hobart> lj supports the blogger api apparently
11:16 <@Hobart>
11:17 <@Hobart> though that's not comments
11:21 <@Hobart>
11:23 <@Hobart> [looks down to comment 14 and below] yeah, looks like this is a [semi] active discussion topic
11:23 <@Erik> Yeah...
11:24 <@Erik> I think it'd mean updating LJ to RSS 2.0
11:24 <@Erik> Which would be annoying.
11:24 <@Nick> and you could make bugzilla an rss feed, so you can feed the errors back into themselves and get a good quine
11:24 <@Hobart> ooo!
11:24 <@Hobart> Bug 317's current mood.... >>EXCITED!!!<<
11:24 * Hobart bounces up and down frantically.
11:25 <@Hobart> "We're sorry, Sun Microsystems has declared UltrasparcII cache corruption bug 'Friends Only' ..."
11:25 * Nick kills horse, Hobart procedes to beat it furtively.
11:26 <@Hobart> How Sexually Compatible With Bug 318 Are You? [click here]
11:26 <@Nick> NOW CUT THAT OUT
11:26 * Willow giggles
11:27 * Hobart promises to stop doing that. Oh, and 'REGEXP parser bombs on double use of << operator' is Legolas in Tights from scene 27.
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