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Getting the Crystal Semiconductor CS4237B sound running under Windows 2003 Server

I just installed Windows 2003 Server on my Dell Precision Workstation 410 system.

The sound card that comes built onto the motherboard of this system is a Crystal Semiconductor CS4237B sound chip. It also [apparently] controls the game port.

Dell offers no help. The closest thing they offer is Z2869302.exe or D2869302.exe which are the Windows NT 4 sound drivers. These drivers won't install properly, Windows will ask for a cwcwtdos.osp file that is not there.

Crystal Semiconductor was apparently acquired by Cirrus Logic. Cirrus Logic has "reference drivers" available for download, . These, also, do not work.

Now, this card was picked up fine by Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP. I would have grabbed the files out of a Windows XP install [using this same method], but I had just formatted my only available box to install Win2K3svr on. Fortunately, I also have a running Windows 2000 [server] box.
  • Step 1: Go to C:\WINNT\INF\ on the Windows 2000 server box, and search for files named *INF containing the string "Crystal Semiconductor". I came out with:
    • gameport.inf
    • wdma_csc.inf
    • wdma_csf.inf
    Grab copies of all these 3 files, rename them so you don't overwrite any other [newer] .inf files of the same name (I just put "2k" before each one), and throw them all in the C:\WINDOWS\INF\ folder on the Win2K3Svr box.
  • Step 2: Browse to
    C:\WINNT\Driver Cache\i386\
    , and double click (browse into) the
    file. From there, grab the 3 files you'll need:
    • cwbaudio.bin
    • cwbwdm.sys
    • cwbase.sys
    Throw them somewhere [I used my desktop]
  • Step 3: Installing - go to the device manager (shortcut: Start->Run->devmgmt.msc) and right-click-and-uninstall all of the 3 failed devices "Ctrl" "Game" and "WSS/SB". Then right-click the tree root and "Scan for hardware changes". It will pick up your new INF files. Choose "Let me specify which driver to install", and it will show the Crystal driver under the Compatible Hardware list. Run with this, and when it complains about looking for the driver files, show it where you put them [the desktop].
This should be it. At this point my sound was working, no reboot.
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