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We hit the CU Toastmasters club meeting this evening, mackys, enishi2000, and Iggi tagged along with.

Short Attention Span: Toastmasters is a worldwide network of clubs where people practice public speaking.

'Twas interesting, they were shortstaffed, and asked for a volunteer "Grammarian" ... I volunteered, which is rather like giving an ... umm ... idiot who says um a lot ... the job of watching people's grammar. I got a little sheet and di my best to emulate what, to the best of my observation, I had seen the grammarian do at the last meeting.

It's hard to summarize well, because it genuinely sounds boring as all get up in print, but I found it fun. Perhaps its the extrovert in me.

All in all I find it fun. Next weeks meeting will have pizza. Pizza Party! Pizza Party!

Maybe Luis will tag along next time. ;)

  • I had to edit this post to properly spell "Grammarian". Go me.
  • Iggi suggested [quite amusingly] that the title for the role should be Grammaton Cleric
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