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Nerd rant.,4149,1386018,00.asp
Sun Microsystems Inc. may bow to pressure from customers and partners to broaden the platform base of its Java Enterprise System software.
The Santa Clara, Calif., company is considering porting the software, which takes all the components of the Sun Open Net Environment software stack and integrates them into Solaris, to other platforms over the next year, including Windows, AIX and HP-UX, sources close to the company said last week.

Hey you STUPID FUCKERS, if you DRANK YOUR OWN GOD-DAMNED KOOL-AID (and hence also ATE YOUR OWN GOD-DAMNED DOG FOOD) and it was all "100% pure Java"(r)(tm)(c)(logo)(heart)(KTHXBYE) then the fucking pile of goo would all be WRITE FUCKING ONCE, RUN FUCKING ANYWHERE and you wouldn't fucking HAVE to port it, you miserable fucking fucktards!

Hmm. I should write for Information Week.
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