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Well, the Spammers have hit Livejournal...

<h3> nice journal</h3></td><td style='width: 50%' align='right'><strong>(<a href=''>Link</a>)</strong></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></div><div style='margin-left: 5px'><font face="Verdana" color="hotpink" size="3">hey I like your journal and I added you to my friends, add me back - <font size="3"><b><a href="http:\\;login=663187" target="_blank">Ashley's Journal<font color="#fffffe"> 1069619935000</a></b></font></font></font>
Hmmmm, dickhead spammers....
  1. It's a "forward" slash after the http: ... you know, the one under the question mark.
  2. Livejournal tells me your IP. is ... Ahhh, you're spamming off your AOL dialup!
  3., where you're hosting your shit appears to be hosted at
  4. </ul>
    Well. I can send off info about this shit to and ... I wonder if they'll particularly care.
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