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Silly memeage.

Stolen from lyricaldanichan, who stole it from gavv, who stole it from another friend of his and so on...
First real kiss:[thinking] either College gf, or some chick named Amy around same time (Any Detroiters remember "Kitten"?). Either way, 19.
First job:Mobiz Computer Center, Dearborn MI. Age 18. Min wage. Win3.1 came out while I worked there.
First screen name:The Shadow
First Album:Given - Thriller Bought my own - Violator
First funeral:Some guy named Bill, I think I was 5 or 6
First pet:Cat (Tinker - A siamese)
First piercing:Tongue, two years ago.
First true love:Hmmmm... Unrequited aside, probably 27.
Last big car ride:Road trip to Anime Central in chicago.
Last kiss:[thinks] More than 6 mo ago.
Last good cry:When I was 13, and dad left.
Last movie seen:Monsters Inc, 2 days ago.
Last beverage drank:Water.
Last food consumed:Deviled Cauliflower (beta test for thanksgiving.)
Last phone call:Friend wanting to hang out (Se)
Last TV show watched:"For Me and My Gal" w/ Judy Garland on PBS. Faboo!
Last shoes worn:Old but still-good hiking boots
Last CD played:Roger Waters - Amused to Death
Last item bought:Groceries to make above deviled cauliflower.
Last disappointment:Self.
Last soda drank:Red Bull and Jeager at the bar on Sat.
Last ice cream eaten:Ice cream cake at Se's birthday a week ago.
Last shirt worn:Black tee, nondescript, general purpose. Described by rise as "Scruffy". Heh.

Mom? If I sprinkle enough random links around my blog, will I be Just Like jwz ?
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