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06:45 <@Hobart> GOD DAMN. Thanksgiving is like fucking Silent Bob Speaks on livejournal.
06:46 <@WingLover> I can't get to lj right now
06:51 <@WingLover> Yesterday I went to livejournal. That's right; livejournal.
06:52 <@WingLover> When I tried to go there, there were too many people, so I couldn't get in!
06:52 <@WingLover> That's when I saw the hanging banner ads claiming "Free LiveJournal membership!"
06:52 <@WingLover> I don't know if all these people were morons or idiots or both.
06:52 <@WingLover> You don't just log on to LiveJournal, completely uncharted terrotory for you, just to save $9.99.
06:53 <@WingLover> $9.99!
06:53 <@WingLover> I saw some family livejournal. Congratulations, genius, bringing your kids into Livejournal.
06:53 <@WingLover> "All right, kids, daddy's going to post a link to an all-your-base joke!" I heard you shout
06:53 <@WingLover> I'm embarrassed to even read your journal! I couldn't see straight!
06:54 <@WingLover> Tell you what, asshole, why don't I give you $9.99 and you can log off and let me log in.
06:54 <@WingLover> Livejournal is supposed to be a horrible place.
06:54 <@WingLover> With members afraid that some blue-haired French girl might start posting in their journal at any moment.
06:55 <@WingLover> Blog or be blogged, that's the right atmosphere for Livejournal! Middle-aged men and grannies be gone!
06:55 <@WingLover> Well, when I finally got logged in, I saw some guy's journal where he posted a link to badger badger badger.
06:55 <@WingLover> It made me mad all over again!
06:56 <@WingLover> Listen, asswipe, badger badger badger is passe now!
06:56 <@WingLover> What the hell! Badgers?! Are you proud of yourself? Hang your head in shame.
06:56 <@WingLover> You can't possibly want to link to badger badger badger.
06:56 <@WingLover> I want to question you, quiz you, cross-examine you. Interrogate you for an hour
06:56 <@WingLover> Or could it be that you just like saying "bager"?
06:57 <@WingLover> I'm telling you, pal, the latest fashion against LiveJournal veterans like myself is...
06:57 <@WingLover> "Which livejournal friends do you have a crush on?" charts!
06:57 <@WingLover> A blog with lots and lots of crush charts, that's the ticket.
06:58 <@WingLover> That's the way that a livejournal conoisseur like myself has to write a blog.
06:58 <@WingLover> That's crush charts. More crush charts and less badger badger badger.
06:58 <@WingLover> Add a link to the Dice Clay/CNN video and you've got perfection.
06:58 <@WingLover> The only trouble with blogging this way is that it's a double-edged sword
06:59 <@WingLover> You will have the ultimate blog entry, but the livejournal staff will recognize you as a troublemaker and add you to their list.
06:59 <@WingLover> So I can't in all good conscience recommend it to n00bs.
06:59 <@WingLover> Anyway, >>1, a Livejournal like yourself should stick with complaints about your job. I mean it.
07:13 <@Hobart> is this from somewhere?
07:13 <@Hobart> or is this authentic drew rantage? :)
07:13 <@WingLover> Have you never heard of the Yoshinoya rant?>
07:14 <@Hobart> n
07:14 <@WingLover> Ah, okay.
07:14 <@WingLover> It's a famous rant that was posted a couple years ago on the japanese BBS 2ch
07:14 <@WingLover> Since then people have copied it and used it for other rants as a template
07:15 <@WingLover> And so famous is the Yoshinoya rant that 2chers hae set up National Yoshinoya Rant days on the anniversary of the rant's posting
07:15 <@WingLover> CUV and I translated it and posted the English version at
07:15 <@WingLover> Anyway, I just took the English Yoshinoya rant and changed it into a Livejournal rant
07:15 <@Hobart> hahaha
07:17 <@Hobart> that one's blog worthy
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