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Your two thoughts for this morning...

  1. Thoreandan: resend last msg
    TriggurHorse: so what's your LJ name?
    Thoreandan: j_b
    Thoreandan: it's on my site
    TriggurHorse: HA! You're closing my window! I'M INSULTED.
    TriggurHorse: :-)
    Thoreandan: haha, IM has one of the great flaws of UI design right there with the POP IN YOUR FACE thing, I've gotten at least three passwords over the past five years from it
    Thoreandan: I'm suprised Jakob Nilsen et all haven't gotten their panties in a snit and written bestsellers on it
    TriggurHorse: yeah, I hate that SUDDENLY GRAB FOCUS thing.
    TriggurHorse: trillian has an astoundingly terrible interface, too.
    Thoreandan: I just had a vision of a reality TV show where five useability experts descend on horrid application designers and give them tips ...
    TriggurHorse: suuuuuuuure, that'd fly :_)
    Thoreandan: Queer eye for the straight UI?
    Thoreandan: Episode 1: Justen Frankel run up a flagpole for inventing "skins"
    TriggurHorse: yay!
    Thoreandan: Was Winamp the first skin/theme'able software?
    TriggurHorse: hmmm. maybe not the first.
    TriggurHorse: first bigtime, yeah.
    TriggurHorse: post THAT to your lj.
    Thoreandan: There's t-shirts now that read "I'm blogging this"
    TriggurHorse: heh
  2. What are the two most expensive and useless things on the Internet?

    What happens if you combine them?
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