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"yo, homeboy, ding dong, man, ding dong!"

13.3% body fat, that's 2.6kg of pure yellow blubber to work off.
I can probably get rid of it in a week or two.

No thanks whatsoever to the Steak and Portabello Cholestorol-Bomb 9000 I shoved into my gluttonous maw with a basketful of chips at Applebee's yesterday. Interestingly -- I looked at their website to see if there was nutritional information on their menu items. Nope. So I called the store, and asked the manager about it. "Uhhhh... it's on our website." "No, it's not." "Uhhhhhh." Googling for "applebees nutrition" brings up a bunch of search engine whoring sites attempting to get ad revenue. So, being nice, I've left a message for the Boulder store's franchise owner company, and at the Applebee's info line. Maybe if I don't get the info, I'll go register "ApplebeesNutritionInfo.COM" and put up a protest blurb. :b

Ah well. It's not bad to have a bad-for-you meal once a week or so, I just was hoping I could wait 'till Sunday so I could go to the yummy Dim-Sum restaurant on Alameda.

Mmmmmmmm. Dim Sum.sound

Special Bonus Rant: It's really nice that organizations like CSPI are there, whisleblowing exactly how bad for us some stuff is. But, they're kind of like the NRA, in that they're kind of whack jobs at times. I admire the Quorn company for trying to bring a new vegetable protein meat-substitute to market. However, it seems there's a moderatly high number of people who are food-allergic to the stuff, and puke. So CSPI wants to run them up the flagpole and burn them at the stake. Calm down guys.
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