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Making People Hate Me
Anyone remember InFiNiTy CoMpLeX for Galacticomm? (Score:2)
by Hobart (32767) on 02:19 PM February 19th, 2004 (#8332036)</font>
( | Last Journal: 02:40 PM July 10th, 2002 )

There was a fantastically fun game based on Paranoia called InFiNiTy CoMpLeX ... I think it could best be described as sixteen player text-based Quake Deathmatch...

It was largely based on Paranoia, there were up to twenty-six "Commies" running around the complex who would occasionally take potshots at characters, or group together and start behaving silly (if three or four of them grouped together, they would start singing "Twist and shout", etc).

The game had one of the more innovative solutions to handle players quitting the game that I've seen -- if you quit, outside of the allowed "savepoint" type room, you became an NPC and the computer would make you behave like a commie...

You could build up your own 3-dimensional structures by blowing holes in walls, fling grenades into roomfuls of people and then slam the door and glue it shut, etc... All back in the 1200/2400 baud modem era...

A quick skim of Google / Google Groups [] shows that the game's been being saught after for quite some time...

Ah, looks like at least a few telnettable majorBBS' have it! telnet:// [] and telnet:// []

Y'all kids owe it to yourselves to check it out. :)
You're in Briefing Room 34, which resembles nothing so much as an employment office. The walls are covered with recruiting posters which state with much authority that "MASTER CONTROL wants YOU!.
Exits: North, south, and west
Eternalloy walls: East, ceiling, and floor
A ladder joins the ceiling and floor.
North : Damaged wall. Hole.
South : Hole.
West : Hole.
On the floor are:
0: M2 laser 1: M1 laser 2: nothing
3: nothing 4: nothing 5: nothing
There are no other people in sight

Push for slashcode to generate standards-compliant HTML! </td> </tr> <tr><td> [ Reply to This ] </td></tr>

These poooooooor BBS operators. :) But, WOOHOO! Infinity complex!
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