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01:52 * Hobart enjoys a taqueray 10 and quinine water
01:52 <@Hobart> Tanqueray, even.
01:52 <@woof> those sound like drinks out of Star Trek
01:53 * woof hads Hobart a romulan ale
01:53 <@Hobart> what if I mixed it with juice and drove slowly through the hood?
01:53 <@Hobart> with my mind on my modem and my modem on my mind?
01:53 <@woof> word
01:53 <@woof> nigga, please
01:53 <@Hobart> you see that man over there?
01:53 * Hobart points at smp-bani
01:53 <@Hobart> He the devil.
01:53 <@smp-bani> =.=
01:53 <@Hobart> never take your eye off the man.
01:54 <@woof> word is bond.
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