Jon (j_b) wrote,

<Personal Trainer>,

Well, this week was a lot better - 45m bike Sunday, upper body Monday, 45m hike Tuesday, lower body Wednesday, rested Thursday, 25m stairmaster Friday, and lower body today. I left the details with weight/reps at home, will fill them into the spreadsheet and get them to you.

I especially am enjoying the clear feeling of working out throughout, the stairmaster especially was a great mood bost. I'm also keeping track (3 days worth) of weight and waistline measurement.

The "push down with your elbows" suggestion made lateral pulldowns go a lot better, I've been doing my best to focus on keeping non-"involved" muscles (esp. in the neck) relaxed while doing the exercises.

Neither of the facilities I've worked at (S and E Boulder Rec Center) have cable flye machines that can be set to the middle, so I've been using the upper position.

One issue I've had is that some of the exercises work the same muscle group (dumbbell bench press / barbell bench press, EZ Curls / Dumbbell curls), so even if I try to break it up I'm definitely a lot weaker when I get to the second exercise.

I have been keeping pretty well to eating smaller meals with snack bars (Zone Perfect bars) and/or generic slimfast-clone shakes between. Have not been actually counting calories yet.

Anterior reaches were confusing, I'm not sure I was doing them right, do I crouch down with the one leg while reaching forward, or keep it only slightly bent? I've got another question or two exercise wise, but they'll have to wait until I get home and fill in the spreadsheet.

Also, I was considering picking up one of the NSCA books but I'm not sure if the CPT or CSCS books would have material more targeted towards an individual interested in exercise themselves as opposed to training...

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