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<Personal Trainer>,

Here's the specs for May 9th thru 15th. I'd also like to inquire as to how best to deal with aches from the impacted disk -- I haven't had any sharp pain, but I have had discomfort for 5~10min -- is that a fact of life with the herniation? Have you seen similar yourself?

I'm rather frustrated on some of the exercises that the machines at the gym (e.g. seated rows, cable reverse flyes) don't have small enough gradiations between the weight levels. I think, for example, in the seated row I'm going to have to lower the weight, since if I recall correctly I should be shooting for failure to do 10 only in the third set?

I'm concerned that I'm not working out "thoroughly" enough, that is, I finish the exercises and I've pushed the muscle to the point where I can't do another rep, yet I don't necessarily feel I've worked it "to failure", I don't feel utterly exhausted/weak, etc...

I also noticed on the reverse chest flyes, that my left wrist strength is still absurdly low compared to my right, unless I forced the wrist up and held it in an "up" position throughout the motion, the weight on the cable was pulling it completely limp and I couldn't straighten it, whereas with my right wrist I could keep it straight throughout with no problem. I've sporadically done reps till failure with a 5lb dumbbell at home on the couch while watching TV and whatnot, I'm wondering if to strengthen it back up I need to "power" train it with heavier weights so that I can only do a small number of reps at a heavier weight?

Also, on regular Cable Flys, I may just need to do a lower weight, but I found the nautilus free-whatchacallit machine extremely difficult to do reps with, and ended up using the weight stacks while bending over forward at the waist to keep the motion in a horizontal plane.

Also, the tricep pushdown machine I switched to at the new gym is SIGNIFICANTLY different, before I could push down 70 or 80 lbs, but this time it was 40 / 45. Thinking a bit back on it, the other gym's machine had the "rope" type of handle where you keep your fists vertical, whereas at the new machine there was just a short straight steel bar, so my fists were horizontal... that could have contributed, is one or the other style preferred for the layout you've given me?

(Wednesday was rushed. I guess I'll get to adding one-leg squats next week)


MONDAY                      Week 3
Dumbell Bench Press
  Reps: 10      Set 1        30/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2        35/10 
                Set 3        40/7
Dumbell Incline Press
  Reps: 10      Set 1        20/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2        25/10  
                Set 3        30/6 
Barbell Bench Press
  Reps: 10      Set 1        65/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2        75/10  
                Set 3        85/6  
Cable Flys
  Reps: 10      Set 1        25/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2        30/10 
                Set 3        35/8 
Tricep Pushdowns
  Reps: 10      Set 1        40/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2        45/7 
                Set 3        40/5  
  Reps: 10      Set 1         3     
  Rest: 2m      Set 2              
                Set 3              

WEDNESDAY                   Week 3
Barbell Squats
  Reps: 10      Set 1        95/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2       115/10 
                Set 3       135/10 
DB Squats
  Reps: 10      Set 1        35/10     
  Rest: 2m      Set 2        35/10     
                Set 3        40/10      
Leg Curls
  Reps: 10      Set 1       110/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2       120/10  
                Set 3       130/10 
Leg Extensions
  Reps: 10      Set 1       100/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2     112.5/10 
                Set 3       125/10 
One-Leg Squats
  Reps: 10      Set 1              
  Rest: 2m      Set 2              
                Set 3              
  Reps: 10      Set 1        25/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2        35/10 
                Set 3        
Anterior Reaches
  Reps: 10      Set 1           10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2           10 
                Set 3              

FRIDAY                      Week 3 
Lat Pull-Downs
  Reps: 10      Set 1       100/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2       110/10 
                Set 3       120/5  
Seated Rows
  Reps: 10      Set 1        80/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2        85/10
                Set 3        85/6
Dumbell Curls
  Reps: 10      Set 1        15/10
  Rest: 2m      Set 2      17.5/6    
                Set 3      17.5/7       
DB Bent-Over Rows
  Reps: 10      Set 1        20/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2      22.5/10 
                Set 3        25/10 
EZ Curls
  Reps: 10      Set 1        35/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2        45/9 
                Set 3        45/6  
Cable Reverse Flys
  Reps: 10      Set 1        40/10 
  Rest: 2m      Set 2        50/5 
                Set 3        50/6  

(to those who actually are looking at this, if you notice on some exercises the amount of weight seems to 'double' or 'halve', it's because I may have moved from machines where there's one weightstack for both arms to two, or somesuch)

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