Jon (j_b) wrote,

LBA48 (>137GiB) drives on motherboards that don't support them

(Of course, whether this can also be done under Win2K3 by disabling DMA remains to be seen too.)

> > > >>Can the Linux Kernel use the full drive (160GB/250GB/whatever) 
> > > >>even though the BIOS doesn't? (LBA48) 
Re: BIOS setup needed for LBA48?
From: Andre Hedrick (
Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 18:36:17 EST 

Well doors may know this but the door-stop does not. The driver has no 
clue currently and so we are back to a pig in a poke. I have never run 
48-bit on AMD, and iirc NFORCE is a step-child of AMD. 

It has everything to do with the DMA engine in the ASIC going south. 


On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Andrzej Krzysztofowicz wrote: 

> > Yes, if the host controller can not handle the double pump for dma 
> > operations. Disable DMA int it has to work. If it does not, you have a 
> > nice pile of junk, and it should be come a door. 
> Shouldn't the driver disable DMA automatically (not allow to enable it) ? 
> Driver knows the controller type, knows the disk size ... 
> Or is it not so simple ? 
> > On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Stefan Smietanowski wrote: 
> > 
> > > >>Can the Linux Kernel use the full drive (160GB/250GB/whatever) 
> > > >>even though the BIOS doesn't? (LBA48) 
> > > > 
> > > > Usually, yes. 
> > > 
> > > Is there anything that could make "usually, yes" become a "no"? 
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