Jon (j_b) wrote,

Can't get to sleep. So I give up.

Am walking around the house, getting ready to go do something.

And a big nasty yellow-and-black striped wasp / bee / yellowjacket / Arthropod Death Unit falls down on my windowledge, and starts crawling back up it.

So I go get a big glass and an index card, hoping to trap the bugger and throw him outside. Twice he went across the corners into spots I think I could've gotten him.

Then he crawled up above the front pane through some crack I can't see, and now I have no idea where he is, except for "inside the window, and if you open it, he'll be pissed."

There was a Dr Seuss story (Or at least there was one illustrated by him) about someone who goes on a journey to this city ("Lolla la-roo" or something, I read this 25 years ago), but when he gets there there's this little endangered guy who's living in the keyhole, so the mayor can't open the gates to the city and let anyone in. This situation has reminded me of that.
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