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</center>And she is different from Cro-Magnon man

She's different from Anne Boleyn

She is different from the Rosenbergs
And from the unknown Jew

She's different from the unknown Nicaraguan

Half superstar half victim
She's a victor star conceptually new

And she is different from the Dodo
And from the Kankanbono

She is different from the Aztec
And from the Cherokee

She's everybody's sister

She's symbolic of our failure

She's the one in fifty million
Who can help us to be free

Because she died on TV


As you probably know, it's been fifteen years since the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989

The lyrics are from "Watching TV", by Roger Waters, track 11 of Amused to Death. (Audio sample at link.) More images from the events. Take a look.

The song hits me two ways... (read the Lyrics link.)

"Ironic" isn't the right word to use, though I'm tempted. The song dwells on the horrors of what happened, but also on the fact that we all only know about it as well as we do, and grieve and are upset about it because it was played out for us on our television sets where we sat consuming what we were fed.

I don't think it particularly makes judgement calls, but it says something that's worth being cognizant about, I guess. (Rather like I feel about the Bowling for Columbine movie.)
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