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SuSE 9.1 tips...

Tips from my experience installing SuSE 9.1 onto a Windows system with one large NTFS partition taking up the whole disk:

Before running the SuSE 9.1 installer, I ran the "defrag" program under Windows, and allowed it to complete. The 55GB disk had plenty of room. YaST fired up, detected everything, then:
Due to limitations in the NTFS resizer, the file system can be only shrunk by up to: 0 MB. To be able to shrink the file system more, boot windows a run a defragmentation program
This is actually NOT due to a limitation in the NTFS resizer, but due to YaST not having handlers for every possible error message output from the "ntfsresize -i" command.

In my case, I ended up running the command manually on the partition, and seeing that I needed to run chkdsk(!) because the $Bitmap file had something the-matter with it. Running chkdsk /f and returning to SuSE install worked like a champ, and it started chugging away installing.

However I made the foolish mistake of switching to an alternate terminal, while the installer was running, and SSH'ing to my other box so I could IRC while it was plugging away. Something signal-11'ed somewhere, and the installer crashed, losing a good 1.5hr worth of download/unpack work. So... Don't Do That.
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