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Management: The Ring MUST be destroyed.
Sysadmin: How do you want me to destroy the Ring?
Management: It must be dropped into the fires whence it was forged. Can you do it?
Sysadmin: Yes, but...
Management: Spare me the details, talk to the Project Officer.
Project Officer (unfolding plan): The Ring is currently in the possession of the Ringbearer, in The Shire, here. We need it dropped in Orodruin, here.
Sysadmin (glances at plan): That's easy, give me the Eagle King, I'll have him pick up the Ringbearer in the Shire, fly across Middle Earth, and drop Frodo straight into the fires of Mount Doom.
Project Officer: You can't do that!
Sysadmin: But it's the most elegant solution with the least overhead and minimal downtime.
Sysadmin (thinks for a l-o-n-g, sullen, moment): RIGHT! Give me a dwarf, an elf, a wizard, two men and
four hobbits. But first I'll have to re-route the Fellowship via the mines of Moria, as there's too
much traffic in the gap of Rohan. Also, the firewall at Mordor means we'll need a consultant to hack
another way in - and he'll probably turn out to be flaky. And it'll take until half way through the
Fourth Age to do it.
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