Jon (j_b) wrote,

13:16 <@Hobart> blarg
13:16 <@Nick> ?
13:17 * Hobart shrugs.
13:17 <@Willow> blarg in general?
13:17 <@Hobart> Working up the nerve to tell the boss I'm leaving.
13:17 <@Nick> wow. congrats.
13:17 <@Willow> Have you found another job?
13:17 <@Hobart> Nope.
13:17 <@Hobart> Gonna try hitting restaurants, look for waitstaff work.
13:18 <@Willow> Wow, is it that bad?
13:18 <@Hobart> is what?
13:18 <@Willow> the job
13:18 <@Hobart> The job is wonderful. Wanting to commit suicide for 8 hours a
day isn't.
13:18 * Willow winces
13:18 <@Nick> nah, he's just quitting cause all the cool kids are doing it.
13:18 <@Hobart> </melodrama>
13:20 * Willow goes to have her mid-year eval...
13:20 <@erica> why are you wanting to commit suicide for 8 hours a day?
13:21 <@Hobart> Because I'm at a job that I'm capable of doing, yet can't sit
down and do it. And $10k in therapy hasn't fixed it.
13:21 <@erica> =/
13:22 <@Hobart> And... I'm twenty nine years old, surrounded by ppl 5 yrs
younger than me finishing their PhD's, or who have their
Masters', and I feel like I've wasted my 20s by not hitting
night classes for the past 6 years I've been in colorado, and
all I have is $30k of debt to show for it, fiscally speaking.
13:22 <@Hobart> (hey, wow, IRC becomes Livejournal!)
13:23 * Hobart submits 'mood icon' patches to irssi / epic cvs trees
13:23 <@erica> that sucks
13:23 <@Hobart> Aye. But this may be a way to move forward.
13:23 <@erica> true, do you want to go back to school still?
13:23 <@Hobart> If I don't spend all my off hours recovering from how much I am
frustrated at my job, I may be able to start fixing other
13:24 <@Hobart> Yes, of course. (I'll be 35 or 36 when I get my degree).
13:24 <@Hermione> Hobart => Gads, sorry to hear this time has been this tough
for you.
13:24 <@erica> start going back now
13:24 <@Hobart> erica -> $.
13:24 <@erica> i guess yeah...
13:24 * Hobart nods.
13:25 * Hermione sighs.
13:25 <@Hobart> That's pretty much what's "stopped me" for the past X years,
though I had always been so flippaint with my money, I never
knew "where it all went".
13:25 <@Hobart> Hermione -> The "wanting to commit suicide" bit is a bit
melodramatic. But it's been frustrating.
13:25 <@erica> i find myself very lucky that my dad is able to pay for college
13:25 <@Hobart> erica -> Don't forget food and rent.
13:25 <@Hermione> John, you and I should all work at the same resturant....
13:26 <@erica> hobart: yeah
13:26 <@Hermione> Hobart => No, I totally understand what you mean; it totally
felt like that sometimes
13:26 <@Hobart> Hermione -> h0h0 ... we should open a branch next to the new
Whizzers... like ... slam poetry by the waiters
13:26 * Hermione laughs
13:26 <@Hermione> Jade could be a could do beat poetry and I
could do erotic fiction!
13:26 <@erica> getting in debt is like...the worst thing ever
13:26 <@Hermione> Hobart => I do hope things go better...sigh....I worry about
the money thing too....and health...
13:27 <@erica> my mom had to declare banruptcy after her husband died
13:27 <@erica> that really changed her.
13:27 <@Hermione> Hobart => Yeah on the money thing too...I mean I was making
bank and I now have very little in savings....did I really
spend that much on comics and food?
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