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Re:AERIS WILL NOT BE RESURRECTED! (Score:4, Informative)
by GregChant (305127) on Friday July 23, @10:08AM (#9778989)

From Coming to America: The making of Final Fantasy VII and how Squaresoft conquered the RPG market [] (Section Title: Let’s just kill Aeris… Drama is everything):

Still, players hoped for a “better” ending, and for quite a while a rumor circulated online that Aeris could be resurrected. It all started with a post on a newsgroup by an American player who played the Japanese game and completely misunderstood a scene at the end of the second disk to mean a failed resurrection of Aeris. Then somebody who went by the name of “Ben Lansing” saw the post and decided to post on the newsgroups claiming that he was a translator at Square USA during the production of the game, and had inside knowledge on how Aeris could be revived. He supported his claims with the supposed changes made to the US version of the game, such as the Underwater materia and the new FMV sequence which he said was that of Aeris’ resurrection (it was actually for the Diamond Weapon monster). He also pointed to many places in the game where the relevance to the story was unclear (such as the sick man in Midgar) which he wove into his elaborate instructions for the revival process. The whole story was too complicated to describe in detail here, but the release of the American version finally revealed many of his claims to be false. Despite many inconsistencies in his claims, many people believed him, and there were even staunch supporters who claimed to have successfully revived Aeris using his instructions. Anyway, “Ben Lansing” eventually posted that the whole thing was just a hoax, and laughed at the general stupidity of American players.

Joke's on you, buddy.

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