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How's this for stream-of-consciousness?

So, back in May I posted...
There was a Dr Seuss story (Or at least there was one illustrated by him) about someone who goes on a journey to this city ("Lolla la-roo" or something, I read this 25 years ago), but when he gets there there's this little endangered guy who's living in the keyhole, so the mayor can't open the gates to the city and let anyone in.
Well, I came upon this post in apod, which revealed to me that Pluto is smaller than our own Moon. Which reminded me of "Interplanet Janet"'s lyric about "Pluto Little Pluto".

...which led me to Lynn Ahrens' website, (she wrote the song). Which led me to Seussical. And BAM!</emeril>, there it was:
Solla Sollew
A piece of my childhood memory has now fallen back into place like a Tetris block.
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