Jon (j_b) wrote,

Went back to the gym yesterday. Leg extensions/curls, barbell/dumbbell squats, and a 10m soak in the whirlpool.

Went for a 5k run/walk, petered out after probably 2k (down Moorhead, up to Baseline, ran out of pep while heading eastbound past the various temples).

Feels really good.
I'd put a link to page 7 of Buttlord GT here but their image-theft script is too paranoid and any Referrer: header makes it pissy.

Also stood on the scale for the first time in a while, it had me at 16.5%. If I keep up consistent exercise, based on projections from 2 years ago, I can get into shape in about 8 weeks.

Need to buy new shoes, not sure what the difference is between A and B. They're both Saucony Grid Stabils, and both $80 off the 'net, compared to $110 in Boulder.

Hmm, this is Livejournal so I should probably include something even more inane - my cat has started using her new litter box, and now doesn't track around litter.

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