Jon (j_b) wrote,

Mall of the Damned

Went by Westminster Mall. [shiver]. Place is creepy. The javascript on their site that lets you see how many of the units are vacant doesn't properly convey the sense of soul sucking that surrounds the place. The clerks sit in their empty stores, one per unit, and probably wish there were dope dealers standing out front, if only to kill the monotony.

I got a sub from Subway, one of the three remaining 'living' stores in the 15-unit food court, and as I sat there in the perfectly clean, yet empty food court, I couldn't help but envision post-apocalyptic film views of the place.

It didn't help that about 20 of the aged were mall-shuffling around the perimiter, thier little oxygen tanks squeaking along behind them.

Oh, and customer service for JC Penney optical blows goats. Wish I hadn't spent the several hundred bucks with them in the first place.
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