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09:10 -!- Irssi: Starting query in channel with friend
09:10 <friend> When you lost your weight, how did you go about it?
09:10 <Hobart> heh. Well, having gained back 3%, let me tell ya.
09:11 <Hobart> More than anything, for my body type at least, I think, it comes from exerciseing 6 days a week for at least .5/hr a day, bar /NOTHING/
09:11 <Hobart> I haaaaalf-heartedly followed the "Body for life" books advice, or about half of it
09:12 <Hobart> I was seriously diillusioned when I got 2/3rds of the way thru that book and found "Buy my milkshakes!" (Ergo = best selling fitness book = ad for EAS Nutrition shakes)
09:12 <Hobart> The stuff that I took from it that made sense was: 6 days a week, exercise. Aerobic, weightlift, aerobic, weightlift, aerobic, weightlift. Then, on your "Bonus" relaxation day, Do Whatever You Want
09:13 <Hobart> Also useful: Eat six meals a day. Keep a constant flow of calories going thru the system so the body doesn't hang onto them.
09:13 <Hobart> Also useful: Eat about 1 "portion" of protien , 1 "portion" of carbs per meal, but don't get nitpicky. A "portion" is the size of your fist. Generally, just common sense. I never once counted calories.
09:14 <Hobart> I'm actually gonna be registering '' as a side project , kind of a 'plugin' to my lj, to carry info like I keep on ... so it'll stare me in the face when I slack.
09:15 <Hobart> (errr, sorry to suddenly spew half a screenful of text here. This is a significant mental issue to me, as I have a pretty low self image, and achieving my weight-loss goal [10% fat] was the only time in 29 years I've felt good about myself physically... [disclaimer: I currently feel 'not bad' about myself ;)]
09:15 <Hobart> <shuts up now>
09:16 <friend> Don't worry about the half-screenful of text!
09:16 <friend> Did you get a gym membership or did you just do weights at home or something?
09:21 <Hobart> well, when I was getting started, I didn't have the cardio endurance to do it, (what actually motivated me was getting dumped right before val. day by my GF who was away @ college ... and I kinda fancied another girl, but didn't have the gumption to approach her, [anyway]) I started by hiking up a trail every morning for a moth or two, 'bout 45min to the peak ... then I worked my way [after buying new shoes __important__] to jogging a 5k circuit around my house ... when I started I could only make it about halfway before having to slow down and walk. REALLY key to being able to jog/run was purchasing an MP3 player to listen to music. I ended up going by myself to the gym for most of it, fortunately Boulder has a 3 city rec center locations.
09:22 <Hobart> I bought a situp bench used but honestly have only really used it 10 times
09:22 <Hobart> the gym is kind of a mental focus thing for me
09:23 <Hobart> 2 other main things I use ... if I go to exercise for 6 days I /always/ reward myself with a nice meal on the "free day" (that's a body-for-life'ism, on your 1 'free no exercise' day you eat whatever the hell you feel like)
09:24 <Hobart> I resent Bill Phillips enough that I might just scan the useful pages of body for life and post them XD
09:24 <Hobart> That, and the fucker won't stop spamming you if you sign up on his website until you threaten him hardcore.
09:24 <friend> haha
09:25 <friend> For me, I think that I need to find some way to do resistance training withput going to the gym, because I run such a hectic life that I would never make time to go three times per week to lift weights
09:25 <friend> But if I could do it for a half hour when I woke up, I could probably do that
09:26 <Hobart> seriously, look at it this way ... 45min*3 @ gym + 20min*3 @ cardio = 3 hours 15 min per week ;)
09:27 <Hobart> I /forced/ myself to go every morning while I was unemployed, or at 5pm after work when employed [as I'm going now]
09:27 <Hobart> that, and I fell off the wagon leeft and right [as you can see from the chart] but just got back on ;)
09:28 <friend> Well, note that I spend 9 hours per week at class as well
09:29 <Hobart> The mental effort involved is considerable, and I won't say it's healthy that my main motivator is self-loathing <g> but boy, I wish I could apply the same mental effort towards work that I [sometimes] am able to apply to the gym. I kind of... dunno. Mentally it's like my vengeance upon all the damned kids who when I was in 8th grade would be running back and forth across the gym and I was the 1 slow kid 1.5 laps behind everyone puffing away
09:30 <Hobart> if I can get past this herniated disk thing and still run, I will be quite happy. Followup spine appointment tomorrow. :/
09:43 <friend> Oh, seem I always did fine in 8th grade running laps
09:43 <friend> I was a skinny little beanpole when I was a kid; I didn't get fat until I was 20
09:50 <Hobart> I dunno if you read my rant about it, but unfortunately it's my poor posture that I had sitting throughout life that contributed to my herniated disk :( Spine curves the wrong way at the top. I was always pretty much sedentary, but not /terribly/ fat, just kinda potbellied. Went from 160-></b>180 in HS, went up to 200lbs in mid 20s
09:50 <Hobart> anyway, if you have the willpower, the body for life book covers how to exercise yourself with just dumbbells
09:50 <friend> Oh, cool
09:51 <friend> If you do feel like spiting the guy, feel free to send me the scans of that section.. :-P
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